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Exquisite Delights from Kayseri..

Olive Tree is a long-lasting tree that can live for 5-15 meters and live for a 1000 years. The leaves are always green, mutually oval, lanceolate or rarely heart-shaped, the edges are whole, slightly curved back, the top is light green, the bottom is grayish or silvery. Its flowers come out from the bottom of the petiole and 3-7 are together and in the form of a cluster. The petals of the flowers are four-piece and the rest are tubular and white in color. The fruits can be fleshy, round, 1-3.5 cm in size, and then turn green, then reddish and finally black when ripe.The plant, which is the homeland of Eastern Mediterranean countries, today all Mediterranean countries; It is widely cultivated in Crimea, California, South Australia and Central Asia.Olive leaves are collected from May to autumn and dried in shady and airy place.Its fruit is harvested in December - February. It is collected by being dropped on the ground by hand or sticks or by scanning method. About 4 kg of olives yield 1 kg of oil. Olives that leak without being crushed are called extra virgin oil, this is genuine extra virgin oil and it comes out very little. The oils leaking during the kneading of the olive before pressing are 2nd quality extra virgin oils.