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Exquisite Delights from Kayseri..

Feta Cheese 17 Kg.

Ürün Paketi : 17 Kg.
Ürün Kolisi :

Feta Cheese is made from sheep, cow, goat or buffalo milk. The most valuable is made from sheep's milk. White cheese is obtained by cooling the low boiled milk up to 18 ° C and fermenting it with rennet, then wrapping it in a special case and straining it into a large mold. While it is made, if the milk is not fat, it is full-fat, and if part of the fat is taken, it becomes a semi-fat cheese. best feta cheese in Turkey is produced mostly in Western Anatolia. It is also widely consumed in the Near East and The Balkan countries. In each 100 gr. Feta Cheese, there is 25gr. protein, 35gr. oil, 1gr. carbohydrates and A, B and D vitamins.